LEWIS THREADGOLD - Heathen's first Pro! October 27 2014

We're fucking stoked to announce that our number one street warrior and Manchester heavy lurker LEWIS THREADGOLD has just got our first ever pro model.

We've held off until we were sure the time was right - we've never believed that pro decks should be just given out - they need to be earned.

And Lewis has earned it, over and over (more on that later). So here it is, Lewis' pro board; drawn by the guy that got Lewis into skating back in Rugeley, Stu Kolakovic.

Check out Stu's work here and here, he's fucking rad, and he knows a thing or two about proper nasty metal as well.


So back to Lewis. Keep 'em peeled for a new edit in the next week or two. In the meantime fill your eyes up with this lot.


Vox welcome clip.


Section from Phil Harvey's Keep Keen.


Old Casual section.

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