Lewis Threadgold - Hometown Lurking January 26 2017


Lewis just banged out a section full of hot and grot spots around the Black Country for the lens of Mark 'Lefty' Wright. Ave it Brewis! 

Fall 2016 Collection October 12 2016

Heathen Fall 16 Collection

Welcome to our Fall 16 collection.


Heathen Medusa Deck 8.5"

Medusa Deck 8.5"


Heathen Cyclops Deck 8"

Cyclops Deck 8"


Heathen Minotaur 8.25"

Minotaur Deck 8.25"


Nick Roberts Pro Welcome Home 8.25"

Nick Roberts Pro - Welcome Home 8.25" 


Lewis Threadgold pro - Palaces Burn 8.25"

Lewis Threadgold pro - Palaces Burn 8.25"


Destiny Complete. 7.75, 8, & 8.25"

Destiny Complete. 7.75, 8, 8.25"


Heathen Cranium Wheels 57mm

Cranium Wheels 57mm


Heathen Consider The End Wheels 55mm

Consider The End Wheels 55mm


Heathen Multi Skull Wheels 56mm

Multi Skull Wheels 56mm


Heathen Consider The End Tee

Heathen Consider The End Tee

Consider The End Tee


Heathen Cyclops Hooded Longsleeve Tee

Heathen Cyclops Hooded Longsleeve Tee

Cyclops Hooded Longsleeve Tee


Heathen Medusa Tee

Heathen Medusa Tee

Medusa Tee


Heathen Minotaur Tee

Heathen Minotaur Tee

Minotaur Tee


Hrathen Megalith 4 Tee

Megalith 4 Tee


Heathen Gnarmal Pocket Tee

Gnarmal Pocket Tee


Heathen Pentagon Tee

Pentagon Tee


Heathen White Whale Tee

Heathen White Whale Tee

White Whale Tee


 Heathen Destiny Longsleeve Tee

Destiny Longsleeve Tee


Heathen Destiny Raglan Tee

Heathen 3/4 Baseball Raglan Tee


Heathen Destiny TeeDestiny Tee


Heathen Doom Crew

Heathen Doom Crew

Doom Crew


Heathen Doom Tee - Mineral Wash

Doom Tee - Mineral Wash


Heathen Doom Tee

Heathen Doom Tee

Doom Tee


Heathen Doomsleeve Longsleeve Tee

Doomsleeve Longsleeve Tee


Heathen Hammerhead Backpack - Caramel

Hammerhead Backpack - Caramel


Heathen Hammerhead Backpack - Black

Heathen Hammerhead Backpack - Black


Heathen Destiny Pin Badge

Destiny Pin Badge


Nick Roberts Asylum Edit December 15 2015

Nick's been killing hard for years, he bashed out this edit at Asylum Skatepark near Mansfield without knowing his board was about to come out. Killer ATV work.

Reiss for 187 Killer Pads June 03 2015

Watch team rider Reiss Johnson destroy the vert at Beast Rampz in his latest edit for 187 Killer Pads.

Visit Beast Rampz by checking our their website here -

Lurking at the Cage March 25 2015

Watch our Manchester connections Lewis, Reiss and Zach tear it up at the Pumpcage for a Lurker Co. edit which will get you hyped!


Martyn Throwback Footage February 25 2015

Last year team rider Martyn Hill put together a powerful extended version of his Curtain Call for Red Bull Skateboarding.

Remind yourself why he's one of Grantham's finest by watching him shred the streets and DIY tranny of Leeds below.


Lewis' 'That's What You Get' Part December 12 2014


Threadmas continues with another lesser-seen part from Projekts Skate Shop (RIP) 2007 video 'That's What You Get', filmed and edited by Sean Lomax.

Big ups DungeonMaster for sorting this out.

Lewis Threadgold is pro edit December 05 2014

Heathen Skateboards is proud to introduce our first pro, Lewis Threadgold!

From the rough streets of Rugeley to the mean streets of Manchester, Lewis has been honing his skateboard craft for over fifteen years.

One of the most dedicated, hardworking and determined skateboarders we know, Lewis's love for UK Skateboarding and the Manchester scene is second to none.

If you could look up 'Skate Rat' in the dictionary, we're pretty sure the name Lewis Threadgold would be sitting right next to it!

Congratulations Lewis, here's to many more years shredding!


LEWIS THREADGOLD - Heathen's first Pro! October 27 2014

We're fucking stoked to announce that our number one street warrior and Manchester heavy lurker LEWIS THREADGOLD has just got our first ever pro model.

We've held off until we were sure the time was right - we've never believed that pro decks should be just given out - they need to be earned.

And Lewis has earned it, over and over (more on that later). So here it is, Lewis' pro board; drawn by the guy that got Lewis into skating back in Rugeley, Stu Kolakovic.

Check out Stu's work here and here, he's fucking rad, and he knows a thing or two about proper nasty metal as well.


So back to Lewis. Keep 'em peeled for a new edit in the next week or two. In the meantime fill your eyes up with this lot.


Vox welcome clip.


Section from Phil Harvey's Keep Keen.


Old Casual section.

Print ads.


Print Adverts









Moby Dick decks OUT NOW October 27 2014

These bad boys are out in the world now, hit up Welcome in Leeds, 42 in Notts, Ledge in Lesta, Rollersnakes in Derby or get 'em directly from us.


COMING SOON! Heathen MOBY DICK decks! August 22 2014


Coming in a short while, new Heathen decks, based on the epic Herman Melville novel Moby Dick.

' the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee'.

Get on one soon.


The Pequod detail.


Ahab detail.


White Whale detail.


Queequeg's Coffin detail



Welcome to the team - PABLO ARESU! July 23 2014

We're really stoked to welcome Pablo Aresu to the Heathen team.

Peep his first Heathen ad in the current Sidewalk, and check out the cover scored back in 2009. Bangin.

Welcome clip soon (ish).


HillDogg Illustration June 26 2014

Hill Doggin!

Top draw (pun intended) Leeds guy and Heathen team rider Martyn Hill's got his own sweet sideline going - HillDogg Illustration and print shoppe.

Check it out here and treat yourself to a piece of his pie.


Nick's Haunts from Sidewalk 183 / Dec 11 June 16 2014

Glegg this shit! Scans of Nick's haunts article fro a while back, heavy rail work and next level no-comply action.


Old T-rex arms. June 12 2014

Lewis' Salad-180 out at Prissick park on the Holy Mountain tour.

Holy Mountain Tour Pt2 June 09 2014

Feeling the epic stoke from the Holy Mountain post below? Then check this out... Scans from the Sidewalk Mag article from issue 161/Feb 2010.

Massive knucks to everyone that came along for the ride.  Photos; Matt Clarke and Alex Burrell. Words: Josh Walters.

Crew snap L to R; Bambi, Josh Walters, Matt Burrows, Mark Burrows, Ben Devine, MArtyn Hill, Colin Adam, Derby Daz, Rauri, Mike Wright, Alex Burrell, Fraser Flav, Lewis Threadgold, Becky Jaques, Nick Robetrs, Tom Pain, Felix Parker, Dunder, Matt Clarke and Daryl Nobbs.

Nick footage from 2012/13. June 05 2014

Nick banged out twelve months of solid coverage in Sidewalk magazine during 2012.

Here's a banging two minute part featuring footage from some of those photos and more besides.


Loop & Godflesh. Leeds. June 04 2014

Last night I headed up to Leeds to catch Loop and Godflesh at the Cockpit.

Loop were hypnotic and Godflesh were pummeling. Great gig.









Holy Mountain tour. May 28 2014


In which we travel back to 2009. The team and extended fam embarked on a camping and shredding tour of the eastern parts of England.

In addition to the web clip above we released a limited, hand numbered DVD that came with stickers and a hand made zine as well as an extra 15 mis or so of footage. Rare.


Here's the contents of the zine...






Lyon Clip from 2007. May 27 2014

Check out this old clip from our first trip. Shredding in and around Lyon. Team riders at the time were Mark Burrows, Colin Adam and Paul Rimmer. Aussie shredder Timmy Burdett came along for the ride.

The music on this clip is by Nottingham hardcore heroes Army of Flying Robots. They went on to be a loads of rad bands including Moloch, Beast As God and Nadir.